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Mark Twain's Last Stand  



The 20th Century is a stranger to me--I wish it well but my heart is all for my own century. I took 65 years of it, just on a risk, but if I had known as much about it as I know now I would have taken the whole of it.

--Mark Twain

Alan Kitty brings to your stage or platform the most original interpretation of Mark Twain since Sanuel Clemens.

In 1979, Mark Twain interpreter Alan Kitty noticed that most Twain impersonators limited themselves to rehashing the show made famous by Hal Holbrook; or they changed just enough of that show to make a distinction possible or avoid a lawsuit.

In response, Kitty developed several live programs, each suited to a different type of audience. Eventually, these became theatrical performances, team-building seminars, guest speaker engagements, and educational programs.

Each of these programs is uniquely suited to its audience. For example, corporate clients will be amazed at Twain's modern grasp of their industry. Students will be challenged to extend their education beyond the classroom. Organizations seeking to improve collaboration between departments will find Twain's approach uniquely entertaining and effective.


The show that started it all, Mark Twain's Last Stand, is still touring. If you want the show presented to your audience, Click here. Then, complete and submit the form.


Mark Twain's educational programs have been presented to young audiences from age 8-16 in 5 states.Programs for K-12 students are designed to inspire reading and inquiry.


A program has also been developed for students of Theatre who wish to explore development and production of the One-Person Show. Led by show creator Alan Kitty, the content considers all aspects of production including research, writing, design, prosthetics sculpture and manufacturing, performance, PR, marketing and more.



The Stormfield Diamond Murder was written by Alan Kitty as an audience participation piece. It was first performed at Stormfield, Twain's last home in Redding Connecticut. Its a unique way to have some dinner fun.

For more information, call 609-219-9339 or email us at marktwain.ajk@gmail.com.

To learn more about the show's creators, click here.


HumanitariTwain - Donations

We are committed to helping humanity; and will share show revenues with any qualified organization. If your organization is looking for new source for fundraising, download our guidelines here, and complete the form. Follow our activities on Twitter.

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Improvisational Twain

Audiences have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in this unpredictable live theatrical adventure. The Improvisational version of "Last Stand" includes a question and answer segment. Join in the fun. Click here for details.

Express Twain

The fastest way to book is to call us at 609-219-9339. If your event is not yet planned, or you want to speak with us about a coming event or idea, please click here and complete our contact form.