Alan Kitty captures Mark Twain’s enormous spirit and wit with live shows and presentations for Theatrical, Educational and Platform Events. His research, programs and performancees, which started in 1979, have made him one of the nation's leading Twain impersonators.


So far, he has taken the stage in 22 states for Theatre, Corporate Event and School audiences of all ages with brilliantly crafted material, impeccable comic timing and an uncanny likeness that makes audiences wonder if the real Twain is still among us.

During Twain’s lifetime, America made great strides as a nation of innovators and builders. It might be said that a parade of American Dreamers grew up in Twain's century, and he was at the head of the procession — inspired by the self-educated and self-made who came before him. Mark Twain could inspire at your next event or meeting with a custom speech, presentation or performance.

Arouse motivation, enhance team work, or simply entertain your audience through this dynamic Twain experience. In the words of Twain himself, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Click here to contact us today and get started on planning a Twain appearance for your next event!



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Alan Kitty brings Mark Twain and his characters to life on stage as an author, lecturer, stand-up comic, social critic and Presidential Candidate.


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Mark Twain Education Society produces a variety of Standards-based programs for students of all ages.


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Alan Kitty writes and speaks as Mark Twain on existing as well as client-driven topics.