Twain was an irrepressible and sought-after speaker because of his humor and abundance of topics. Clients can expect to hear any number of entertaining anecdotes at a dinner table or embedded in a topical speech at the lectern. Alan Kitty's Mark Twain seems to understand any audience, and he can speak with authority on a wide range of topics. There are a surprising number of meeting and event types that suit Mark Twain. Let's talk about yours and see if its a fit.



Library Monolog


Library Monolog


Motivational Kickoff Speech


Dinner Speech on Project Management






Library Association


Educational Lecture on Innovation


Dinner Speech - The Future of Healthcare


Library Monolog


Interactive Lecture


Tradeshow Traffic Builder


Systems Integration Speech


Lunchtime Team-building Seminar


Future Tech Rountable


Collaboration Seminar










Our clients represent a variety of industries and disciplines. Our goal is to create and deliver original lectures and speeches that suit their needs and exceed their expectations.


The diversity of our offerings extends beyond the following examples:


Project Management

Change Management


Library Science

Online Records

Legal Research

Engineering Education and Planning




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