by Carlene Cobb


(Excerpt reprinted from The Meadoword • May 2016. )

The witty persona of Mark Twain was brought to life on April 11 before a full house at the MCA Community Center. Actor Alan Kitty arrived in character and stayed in character, clad in the white suit that was Mark Twain’s hallmark fashion statement. Kitty captured the fiery spirit of Mark Twain and his humorous outlook on everything that touches the human heart, mind, and funny bone.


Kitty, as Twain, shared incisive life perspectives with a captivated audience. Chuckling rippled through the audience each time a story’s humorous twist took them by surprise. With the impeccable timing of a stand-up comic, Mark Twain’s tales sometimes poked a little fun at human foibles, particularly in reaction to life’s challenges.


Best known as the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain has been lauded as the greatest American humorist of his age. Novelist William Faulkner called him the “father of American literature.”


President William Howard Taft said, “Mark Twain gave pleasure—real intellectual enjoyment—to millions, and his works will continue to give such pleasure to millions yet to come.”



One man show



A Mark Twain Event

Alan Kitty brings Mark Twain and his characters to life on stage as an author, lecturer, stand-up comic, social critic and Presidential Candidate.


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Mark Twain Education Society produces a variety of Standards-based programs for students of all ages.


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Alan Kitty writes and speaks as Mark Twain on existing as well as client-driven topics.