Alan Kitty's Mark Twain is the solid choice when it is important to deliver a powerful and effective message by a trusted, familiar, objective, motivated and inspired speaker. Kitty delivers a uniquely informed, entertaining speech on the topic of your choice. He fuses practical business knowledge with extensive research, meeting facilitation skills and Twain Scholarship to deliver your meeting message in a most effective way to your audience.


"Your presentation far exceeded our expectations."

"I can't believe I just had a drink with Mark Twain."

"That was a very helpful seminar. Terrific performance."

"I thought you were dead. Weren't you -- aren't you dead? Fun time."

"I will remember this fondly for a long time."

"No doubt you know Mark Twain. It was the real thing."

"Terrific! A perfect way to kickoff our new plant."

"That was awesome. Period."



Alan Kitty as

Mark Twain

    1. 1 each Shure lavolier and head mic (provided)

    2. Large monitor

    3. USB-HDMI cables

    5. Digital mixer

    6. Lighted lecturn

      7. PA system


Twain offers a sure way to build your tradeshow audience.


A Twain-facilitated seminar is a novel and effective way to boost morale and ease tensions duirng business transitions.


Twain delivers your Message with his uniquely styled humor for

Kickoffs and Sales Meetings


Twain writes and delivers a speech around any client-selected topic


Kitty brings his career in Technology to each Twain presentation with deep knowledge across multiple disciplines, including Computer Hardware and Software, New Product Development, Facilitation, Project Management, Technical Product Management, Marketing and Sales, and Training.


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