Alan Kitty is Mark Twain in your classroom, auditorium or library at pre-scheduled times throughout the year. Subscribe to selected sessions or the entire series. Using the latest Web technology, we can reach a large audience for the main lecture, then entertain questions in scheduled breakout sessions. Live lectures are available without subscription in certain locations. Ask for details.

Alan Kitty is Mark Twain in a series of lectures and Q&A sessions about the 19th Century depicted in his fiction, personal letters, articles and essays. These lectures bring the period to life through Twain's experiences.


        • Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Building character; a fictional memoir of Sam Clemens
        • Adventures of Huck Finn: A moral tale
        • Connecticut Yankee: Satire on the Industrial Revolution
        • The Age of Innovation: Inventing the Future
        • Providential Autobiography of Mark Twain - How chance paved the road to success, failure and restitution.
        • Educator's Choice: Name the topic you want Twain discuss with your group